— Capabilities —


I specialize in making complex topics simple, understandable and executable. My focus is to apply this approach in three core areas: Revitalization, Business Process Improvement, and Strategy Development & Execution.
During my leadership roles, I’ve developed invaluable perspective and knowledge to help identify and jump-start areas of improvement. The spark I provide turns strategy into action. My experience with EOS™, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, as both a practitioner and implementor ensures that I can reinforce the best aspects of EOS in your organization.
Business Process Improvement
You can count on a rapid, comprehensive diagnosis of how your business currently operates. From there, I’ll create a practical approach to improve your business processes. Processes must be simple, reliable and flexible in order for companies to thrive. That’s what you can count on me to provide.
Strategy Development & Execution
With decades of experience as an executive, I know what it takes to expertly craft a long-term strategy and sequence the implementation of steps to smooth out the inevitable bumps in the road and ensure PinPoint execution. My passion and skillset allows me to develop an effective plan for your success.